It’s that time of the NFL year again when the regular season ends and we head into the post season.  PLAYOFF TIME!

This weekend sees the playoff curtain raiser – the wildcard round – begin the road to the Super Bowl.  For most of the league the season is over and the battle to avoid joining them is at stake for the remaining twelve teams.  From now on it’s simple – win or go home.

Whether my beloved Seahawks have been involved or not the excitement and anticipation that builds entering the post season has always been a special feeling.  As it is, this year the Seahawks not only come into the playoffs as one of the favourites to go to the Super Bowl, but they are doing it as defending Champions.

In the NFC conference the Seattle Seahawks have secured the number one seed and will be joined in having a bye week by the Green Bay Packers.  The top two AFC teams getting a week off are the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.  Right now these four teams certainly look like the best in the league and earning this time off gives them a chance to recharge and prepare for the following week, when they will know their opponents for the next round.

The four games in the wildcard round are Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts.  Right now I will refrain from going into each game and previewing them in detail, perhaps I will recount the games next week once the results are in and we know which teams are left to contest the next conference round in the playoffs.

For now I’m still enjoying the build-up to these games.  The drama that it is now a sudden death situation in the NFL, defeat is terminal for a team’s season.  It really adds to the spectacle that this is the case for the losers and the winners keep on playing.  Every game is sure to be exciting; the NFL playoffs from beginning to end are always dramatic.  And it’s time for them to kickoff.

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